Schedule and Activities

Rough Schedule so you can plan.

Keep in mind, it's SCA-time, so minor shifts might happen.


There will be classes, heavy fighting and the market day for sure.

If possible we will try to arrange archery and fencing if the equipment is there and enough people are interested.

Day When   What
Friday 17:00   Site Opens
18:30   Meeting of Drei Eichen and Roterde Members
19:00 20:00 Dinner
Saturday 8:00 9:30 Breakfast
9:00 9:30 Officers Meeting
10:00 13:00 Warmup, Fighting & Games
10:00 11:30 Class "Dancing"
11:00 13:00 Class "Roman and 15th century cosmetics"
12:00 13:00

Class "The Laid Table"

13:00 14:00 Lunch
14:00 15:00 Class "How to run a kingdom level Event"
14:00 17:00 Market day
14:00 18:00 Fighting & Games
18:30 19:30 Court
19:30   Feast
Sunday 9:00 10:30 Breakfast
12:00   Site closes


Medieval Dancing

Lady Catalina de Zaragoza


How to plan and hold a successful Kingdom level event - and have fun doing it!

Lady Victoria Piera Rosselli and Mistress Margaret de Mey

This class will review the plans you need to make to hold a Drachenwald Kingdom level event (Crown Tourney, Coronation and Kingdom University).  It will cover finding a suitable event site, assembling an event team, creating an event bid, event publicity, key items to put on an event web site, handling reservations, creating an event schedule, working with Royalty, managing meals, thanking event staff and financial reporting after the event completes.  We'll talk about how to handle anything unexpected like tournament injuries, schedule delays and fire alarms. A handout will be available with checklists of to-do items and tips.


Der gedeckte Tisch (the laid table)

Lady Gunnhild von Brunswiek and Lord Volker Eisvogel zu Nortorf

How and with what would the table have been covered in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance


Cosmetics in roman times and 15th century

Lady Katharina Mornewegh and Freiherrin Anna Syveken


-For archery we need your help, bring all your archery equipment, so we can make this happen, please get in contact with the Event Stuart if and what you can bring


Market Day

-bring everything you want to sell, trade, give away